— I have been keeping a journal of stuff I’ve read. I never remember, so I have been writing it down since 1973 when I was an art student. In 1974 I scrawled across two pages “IT’S GOT TO BE INTERESTING AND REAL!”. I still put stuff in it to this day, though it has completely fallen to pieces and burst at the seams.

I have been looking through it lately because David Chandler phoned me out of the blue—I haven’t spoken to him for twenty-five years. He wrote the original intro to Looking for Love, and is writing a new text for a forthcoming book, Inside Looking for Love.

Tom Wood was born in 1951, in County Mayo in the west of Ireland. He lived and worked on Merseyside between 1978 and 2003 before he moved to his current home in North Wales. Wood has published numerous books, including LOOKING FOR LOVE, ALL ZONES OFF PEAK, PHOTIEMAN, and MEN AND WOMEN. He has had solo and group exhibitions worldwide and his work is represented in the collections of major international museums.