— These are a few pages I have photographed from a couple of my scrapbooks. I have been making these scrapbooks since I was at college. I now have about a dozen of them. I find that they are a great source of inspiration. Browsing through them unnoticed details or unexpected juxtapositions present themselves. Also I don’t like to hoard magazines, they take up so much space, so once I have read them I harvest them for the images I like and then they are recycled. The saved images are kept in a box under my bed and every so often I will have a rummage through and perhaps spend an hour or two sticking them in a book. It’s not done methodically, I choose whatever images grab my attention at that time.

Simon Foxton is a London based stylist and creative consultant born in Berwick Upon Tweed in 1961. Having graduated from St. Martin’s College of Art and Design with a degree in fashion design, he set up his own label Bazooka in 1983. He started styling for i-D in 1984 and is currently Consultant Fashion Director at both i-D and Fantastic Man magazines. His work is represented in collections including the Victoria & Albert Museum and Tate Modern and he is currently a visiting lecturer for the Menswear MA course at the Royal College of Art in London.