The wall in front of my desk at the moment: May 2013 in Church Hill, Richmond, VA., a somewhat arbitrary collection of things that comfort me, posted in 2011 in the hasty (and often failed) effort to make a home of a room.

& on a nearby wall…

1. Postcard from C. Bowles.
2. Quote (“What was my crime, and when was the time, that I should live to see this day”) and illustration that had lingered around the house for years.
3. THE LAND OF COUNTERPANE, Jessie Willcox Smith illustration for Robert Louis Stevenson poem (“When I was sick and lay a-bed / I had two pillows on my head / And all my toys beside me lay / to keep me happy all the day…”)
4. Memorialized grocery list, from an old kitchen C. and I shared on Cherry St. in Oregon Hill.
5. Photograph of my mother, Regina Alverson (b. 1928), age 13 & bell from E. Rex.
6. A photograph of me and my sister, Kathryn Alverson, on the day of my christening, 1971, Spokane, WA. She is 3 yrs 10 months old. I am 3 months.

Rick Alverson is a filmmaker, he was born in 1971, in Richmond, Virginia. His dramatic feature THE COMEDY (2012) premiered in competition at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival and was released that year by Tribeca Film. His other films include THE BUILDER (2010) and NEW JERUSALEM (2011), the latter of which premiered at the 40th International Film Festival Rotterdam and SXSW in 2011. That year he was awarded a Visual Arts Fellowship from the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. He also has directed videos for Sharon Van Etten and Bonny “Prince” Billy. In addition to his directorial work he has released 9 records on Jagjaguwar, most recently with his band Spokane in 2007.