Here is my small collection of toilet hygiene inspection notices.

Victoria and Albert Museum, London, England, 2014

Rompetrol Village Catalan/Motorway service station, France, 2014

The Star Ferry Company Ltd, Hong Kong, 2015

DFDS Dover to Calais Ferry, 2015

Park Skocjanske Jame Cave, Slovenia, 2015

Morrisons Supermarket, London, England, 2014

Nigel Shafran was born in 1964, in England. He lives and works in London. He has had several books published including VISITOR FIGURES (2015); TEENAGE PRECINCT SHOPPERS (2013); RUTH ON THE PHONE (2012); COMPOST PICTURES 2008-9 (2010); FLOWERS FOR ____ (2008); EDITED PHOTOGRAPHS (2004); DAD’S OFFICE (1999); RUTHBOOK (1995). MACK Books will publish DARK ROOMS in 2016.