Dedicated to Brendan Majewski, a great influence in my life.

Mira Billotte is an artist, vocalist, pianist and composer performing as White Magic. She performed and composed for Quix*o*tic along with her sister, Christina Billotte (Casual Dots, Slant 6) and Brendan Majewski (Orphan), and later Mick Barr (Orthrelm, Krallice). She creates art, using sand paintings and film projections and performs inside her installations, with solo shows in Baltimore and New York City. She recorded Bob Dylan’s AS I WENT OUT ONE MORNING with Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth) for the soundtrack album for the film I’M NOT THERE directed by Todd Haynes. She was featured actress in the film CHAIN by director Jem Cohen, performing some of her own compositions in character. White Magic have released numerous recordings, with the label Drag City, and also recorded LONG TIME AGO with producer Hal Willner for the compilation album ROGUE’S GALLERY: PIRATE BALLADS, SEA SONGS AND CHANTEYS (Anti-). Mira Billotte recently started her own label, The Mysteries, releasing the new White Magic single WHITE WIDOW which includes a cover of Jefferson Airplane’s ‘White Rabbit’.