This is a list compiled when titling paintings. It’s from anything I’m reading or come across which seems title’ish around the time I have to title.

Nectar reward –
Truck exhaust
Spread illusion
Air breathing
As if cooking could
Nectar reward
The unopened act
Water for life

the triple yoke
The twinning theme
To all men one body each
unsettles the obvious
emptiness is energetic
their clod of earth
powerful bodies giving their whole strength to the labor of holding on
disturbed equilibrium
even his failures
cease-less serpentine quiver
isolating restless
clues of up-and-down
aerial detachment
vanishing pole of attraction
stride into the present
humorless pathos
craving, contrition, defeat,
stir the heart up
into fellow feeling
fingering nerves
significance in the present
in pliant matter
large nature
that of a modeler
posthumous fortune
medium in fluctuation, a churning sea.
battered prow
symbolic of an energy more intensely material
flickering “lumps and holes”
every transient
almost automatic expressions ”2
a rubber band
dimmer light
nurture the other kind
problems with imagination and courage
obsolete expectations
humanistic rewards
pathological state
The Condition of the Humanities
Dark adult privacy’s
Expression of character
Aversion of taste
Modest estate
Automatic expressions
Decorative centerpieces
Flickering lumps
Intensely material
Other than anatomical
Down like a putty

Battered prow
Loyalty renewed
Wilder if hammer
Thinking in stone
Forget his stones
Delivered with pride
Hack work
Now was ten years ago
The shrinking self
Plight of its public

Dirty chubby babies
Open the lotus and see if you can find what’s inside
I’ve been blinded from too much salt
Do u justice
Psychotic eve
So don’t get anywhere
Three mothers

Wavering consensus

Fellow feeling

👌🏼Tribute a claw

Three years a pulpit

Going with what gives
Intermittent cruelty
Be less stupid
The overwhelmed space

Another femininity

Cheddar news
Intellectually vacuous
Love in the new millennium
Hidden hands
You disappear
What counts as virtue
Anything attached together
To void
Unending demands of simple sight
Wager for life
You say it’s a river
Vertigo of meaning
Owells roses
Wendell berry new book

Marley Freeman was born in 1981, in Boston, MA, she lives and works in Massachusetts and New York. Recent solo exhibitions include those held at Parker Gallery, Los Angeles, CA (2023), Karma, New York, NY (2022), Travesia Cuatro, Guadalajara, Mexico (2021), and Parker Gallery, Los Angeles, CA (2020). Select group exhibitions include NEW ABSTRACTS: RECENT ACQUISITIONS, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, CA (2022), CERAMICS CLUB: CC22, White Columns, New York, NY (2022), A WINDOW IS ALSO A WALL, Dunes, Portland, ME (2022) and IMPRESSIONS OF THE FALL, 47 Canal, New York, NY (2022). Her work is included in the collections of Fundación AMMA, Mexico City; Fundación Medianoche0, Granada, Spain; Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, CA; RISD Museum, Providence, RI; San Antonio Museum of Art, San Antonio, TX; and the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, NY.