— I plan to build a home on a field that’s located just outside downtown Athens, Georgia. There were once houses on the field but these were damaged beyond repair in a huge gas main explosion that took place back in the 70s – I was told this event had made the national news and that windows as far as several blocks away were broken. Since then the field has been left alone except that some construction debris from various downtown building projects was dumped down its steep back slope for land fill. Kudzu and privet and other invasive plants have grown rampant. The lot is fenced in so it was possible for me to bring in a couple dozen sheep to see if they could help clean up the field, which they did.

Mark Steinmetz was born in Manhattan, in 1961. He has had several books published with Nazraeli Press including SOUTH CENTRAL, SOUTH EAST, and GREATER ATLANTA. Another book with Nazraeli, SUMMERTIME, a collection of photographs of kids and teenagers made in the late 80s and early 90s, is due this fall. His book PHILIP & MICHELINE, about his parents at the end of their lives, came out this Summer with TBW books. He lives and work in Athens, Georgia, and hopes to travel more often to France and Italy.