Maybe God is money
If he is I don’t think that’s very funny
That makes life a game
Where the price is right

Llyn Foulkes is an American artist. Born 1934 in Yakima, Washington. Foulkes began exhibiting with the Ferus Gallery, Los Angeles in 1959. By age 30, Foulkes had been given one person exhibitions at the Pasadena Art Museum (1962), the Oakland Art Museum (1964) and further gallery exhibitions with the Rolf Nelson Gallery, Los Angeles (1963, 64). Through the late sixties into the seventies, Foulkes would create trademark landscape paintings that utilized the iconography of postcards, vintage landscape photography, and Route 66 inspired hazard signs. By 1979, Foulkes returned to a childhood interest in one-man bands. Today he still performs with The Machine regularly on the West Coast.