Larry Clark is widely regarded as one of the most important and influential American photographers and filmmakers of his generation. He is known for his raw and controversial photographs and films which expose us to sub-cultures not widely known about, with themes of sex, drugs and rock and roll prevailing. Clark burst into public consciousness with his landmark book TULSA in 1971 and has continued to use photography and film to explore issues pertaining to youth culture. Clark’s first feature film, KIDS in 1995 was hailed as “an instant classic” and “a wake-up call.” KIDS was followed by the films ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE (1998), BULLY (2001), TEENAGE CAVEMAN (made for TV in 2001), KEN PARK (2003), WASSUP ROCKERS (2005) and the short film IMPALED (2006). The photographic series LOS ANGELES 2003-2006 chronicles four years in the life of Jonathan Velasquez, who was the inspiration for his film WASSUP ROCKERS. Clark’s most recent film THE SMELL OF US, was released in France last month and will make its US premiere in one week as part of the Film Society 15th Annual Film Comment Selects.