— I have taken this opportunity to ‘out’ a snap shot of my reference library, accumulated over about 25 years. I have made no effort to tidy or edit the selection. I hope this will relieve me of the guilt I feel when I take a magnifying glass to a photo in a magazine of someone, anyones bookcase in a magazine editorial. I am dead nosy and curious to know what unexpected surprises or cliches might be in evidence on their shelves.

It’s a rather sad, bad habit and I hope by exposing my shelves (or lack of shelving) in a totally unedited, unselfconscious mode I might feel less judgemental of others.

I take little, to no care of my books, but I reference them often and furiously. They do indeed exist in a state of disarray and it often involves less effort to go to the public library than attempt to dislodge a book from its book tower at my studio.

Julie Verhoeven is an artist and designer based in London. After studying fashion she began her career assisting John Galliano before working in the fashion industry as illustrator, designer, creative director and tutor. Verhoeven published A BIT OF ROUGH, FAT-BOTTOMED GILRS and JULIE VERHOEVEN GAS BOOK 13 and regularly exhibits internationally.