— I wrote this song in one afternoon, following a morning of intensive dental surgery. Oddly enough, this allowed me to concentrate better. Recording it was another matter. In some sense, it involved re-thinking the song itself – which is still a work in progress. I did this version with Aura Rosenberg (keyboards) and Frank Lutz (guitar). Frank and I worked out the arrangement together. Then he recorded it and I did the mix.


John Miller is an artist, writer, musician based in New York and Berlin. He was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1954. His work has been exhibited at the Museum Ludwig in Cologne, the Kunstalle Zurich and the Musée d’art moderne et Contemporain (MAMCO) in Geneva, among others. His publications include THE PRICE CLUB (SELECTED WRITINGS, 1977-1998) and THE RUIN OF EXCHANGE, both part of the Positions series by JRP Ringier and Les Presses du Réel. He teaches in Barnard College’s Art History Department as a Professor of Professional Practice.