— 3 very different images, a photo I bought recently of Laurel and Hardy in the UK, they undertook a number of tours after the war when their film career was more or less over and here they are pictured with I think cinema managers or executives from the Odeon chain, the guy in the middle looks like the director of the company, I can’t think of anyone in the 20th century I would have wanted to have my picture taken with more than Laurel and Hardy, an enveloppe/letter sent to me over christmas that took 2 weeks to arrive, lastly an almost impossibly colourful image of a crab, I just went to the Galapagos Islands for work if you can beleive it, and if you can’t take a good photo of nature there then you might as well give up as nothing runs away from you, not even crabs.

Jeremy Deller was born in 1966, in London, England. In 2004 he won the Turner Prize for MEMORY BUCKET, his documentary about George W. Bush’s hometown, Crawford, Texas and the siege in nearby Waco.