“Seven years, they say, and my organism exchanges most of its cells; therefore and ahead, forgetting begins; seven years and love unrequited is a blank to be refilled, a wormhole between bliss and loss; seven short years and you go from that darling fetus position to crouching as a child among beasts; seven years later and life still seems so very long, possibilities manifold; seven more years and the congregation, community, tribe, republic, empire, village or island nominate you Adultly Master Of Your Own Failures, sacrificial lamb to the procreation of the species, ripe genitals, seven times seventy-seven as often as you shall remain unforgiven, seven lovers, that´s what it takes for post-breakup oblivion and calmness of being numb, seven, perfection, the number of suspects in all my crimes, the number of all my deadly sins, fourth prime number, factorial prime, lucky prime, safe prime, happy number, all my cycles of seven, vulgar fraction, may the weather and the forthcoming erosion make me a seven-sided shape, like a succession of semicolons is this job of breathing, had I only seven lives and enough mistakes with which to grace you, or only a few sevenly seconds with myselves, so I could finally bow unto you until my body assumed the shape of a 7.”
Ricardo Domeneck

Heinz Peter Knes was born in Gemünden am Main, Germany, in 1969. His work has been exhibited in New York, Oslo, Paris, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Berlin and Cologne. He has also been published in various magazines including 032c, Iann, Spex, Dutch, Readymade, Freier, i-D, Art Review, Butt and Purple.