— For my next two fashion collections I am focusing my attention on Galicia,
the area which used to exist in eastern Europe, spanning over southeast Poland,
the Ukraine and Austria / Hungary.

It was a landscape best described in the works of one of my favourite writers,
Joseph Roth. The place doesn’t exist anymore, it only survives in stories,
old postcards and books.

Here is an assembly of vintage, colored postcards from Galicia, research for
my collection. These are mixed with items found in my studio, chosen for their
symbolic connection to Galicia.

Frank Leder is a german fashion designer based in Berlin. After studying at Central Saint Martins, London, Leder moved on to developing his heavily conceptual signature style deeply rooted in german culture. Leder’s collection references might include anything from small town fire brigades, local butchers or Germanys colonial past, combined with a healthy sense of humour. He designs limited furniture pieces and interiors for selected clients. Leder’s work has been published and exhibited internationally.