Tissue box (Tempo)
Alarm (Braun, Quartz)
Alarm (Tempo, Quartz)
Claude Arnaud, Chamfort – Die Frauen, der Adel und die Revolution
Berliner Zeitung, 30-31/12/06, Page 4/5, Der Koch des Jahres
Henning Mankell, The Man Who Smiled
Klaus Theweleit, Männerphantasien Band 2; Männerkoerper – Zur Psychoanalyse des weissen Terrors
Nicholas Ostler, Empires of the Word – A Language History of the World
Karl Schloegel, Marjampole – Europas Wiederkehr aus dem Geist der Staedte
Klaus Theweleit, Männerphantasien Band 1 – Frauen, Fluten, Körper, Geschichte
Harper’s Magazine, August 2004
Remote control (Sony Trinitron, color TV)
Tin of liquorice pastilles, Liquirizia Due Sicilie (Leone / Torino)
2 packets of condoms (Curafam DeLuxe)
Red light lamp (Philips Infraphil)
Nose spray (Safeway)
Skin lotion (Bepanthol Roche, 400ml refill bag)
Lettre International 72″, spring 2006
Der Feinschmecker, December 2006
E. Bischoff / F.S. Meyer, Architektonische Formenlehre
Lettre International 71″, winter 2005
Pair of shoes (black, size 44, Canali / Italy)


9 CDs, Einstürzende Neubauten, Weingeister
White silk dress inside plastic bag (Real supermarket)
Berliner Zeitung, 23/03/07, Page 26, Lieber tot als ohne Selbstwiderspruch – Raymond Pettibon’s Musical über den Weatherman in den Sophiensaelen
Cover, lipstick (Dermatologica / Los Angeles, CA / USA)
Innocent When You Dream – Tom Waits: The Collected Interviews
Boris Akunin, The Winter Queen
Tony Parsons, Als wir unsterblich waren
Annemarie Firme, Ramona Hocker (Hg.), Von Schlachthymnen und Protestsongs
Recharger (Nokia)
CD-R Fishman Bass with info letter
Mario Vargas Llosa, Ein trauriger, rabiater Mann – Über George Grosz
Heiner Bastian (Hg.), Ron Mueck
Teacup (Arcopal / France)
Lip balm Blistex (Blistex Inc., Oak Brook, IL / USA)
Peppermint lollies Mentos – sugarfree (Perfetti Van Melle, Da Breda / The Netherlands)
Catalogue Drap-Art 06
Bowl (Arcopal / France) with green Tee (Lung Ching / China)
CD (in stylized cigar box), Egobar, Heiner Mueller – Ajax zum Beispiel
Sake glass (hand blown, Japan)
Carry case for digital camera, SonyCybershot
Laptop with power cord (Apple-Macintosh Wall Street)
CD Larry Young, Lawrence of Newark


Document file (plastic, black) with user instructions for electronic goods, warranty papers
Mini-TIP, December 2001
Ruler (Leitern-Maiwald-Gerüste)
Matches (Europa-Hölzer),
Cassette (Bargeld Gut, Lala, two mixes)
Cassette (TDK SuperCDing 90 / gramophone version Happy End)
Cassette (TDK / Artgenossen „94″)
Leather bag (Targus, schwarz),
CD-R Klaverna
CD booklet Przeboje Henryka Warsa z lat 1927-1939
CD E. Wedel (Danone Polska)
CD Wspomnien Czar, Vol. 2
CD Wspomnien Czar, Vol. 2
Akku (Apple Macintosh G3)
Boules set (France)
Cardboard box with photos and a roll of color film (Fujifilm / Japan)
Plastic bag with liquorice cats
Plastic bag with chinese throat lozenges
2 instant cameras Funsaver 35 (Eastman Kodak Company / Mexico)
Instant camera Imation Magic (Imation Ltd. / UK)
Instant camera Quicksnap Jeans (Fuji Magnetics GmbH, Essen / Germany)
Instant camera Film in 24 +3 (Konica Corporation / Japan)
Box, Ricola Zitronenmelisse (Ricola AG / Switzerland)
Box, Ricola Kraeuter Original (Ricola AG / Switzerland)
Box, A. Vogel: Echinacea Kraeuter-Bonbons (Bioforce AG / Switzerland)
Bottle, Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky, Balmenach Distillery: Cask 1765, distilled 1976
Cylindrical glass vase
Fisherman’s Friend, Anis (Lofthouse of Fleetwood Ltd. / UK)
3 boxes Minox Minocolor color film
Hip flask (metall)
Cord, approx. 1.5m (color: green / white)
Cord, approx. 2m (color: white)
Hat brush
Eraser (blue)
Tablets Solidago Steiner (Steiner & Co., Berlin / BRD)
Nasal drops Olynth (Pfizer CHC, Karlsruhe / Germany)
2 A/V-Scart adapter
FM3 Buddha Machine (white / PRC)
5 batteries AA (Duracell / EC)
Nasal drops Euphorbium compositum (Heel GmbH, Baden-Baden / Germany)
Spray paint Aero Decor (Union-Chemie, Berlin / Germany)
Leukoplast (Beiersdorf AG, Hamburg / Germany)
3 adapter (international / UK, international / USA, international / Australia)
Travel sewing kit (Hotel Mercure)
Travel sewing kit (Hotel Inter Hotel Panorama Praha)
Vitamins Orthomol M, 1 month pack (Grapefruit flavor / Orthomol GmbH, Langenfeld / Germany)
CD booklet
Piece of paper with software serial number
3 CDs, Sony System Recovery Software
2 CD-Rs (TDK, unlabeled)
Postcard (image: St. Petersburg’s castle bridge)
Glasses (Flexon 606, Marchon, San Francisco, CA / USA)

1959 born in Berlin. 1980, formation of the group EINSTÜRZENDE NEUBAUTEN, as lead vocalist. From 1984 to 2003, guitarist of NICK CAVE AND THE BAD SEEDS. Numerous concert-tours through Europe, North and South America, Australia and Japan. Works as composer, author, actor, singer, musician, performer and lecturer in almost any field of interpretative art.