The German title defines precisely the actual BLESS state of mind. A plea for the here and now, the present time, this very instant and the joy that comes along with being ‘present’.

— This video below shows a selection of winners, taken from an evening of ‘pleas’; an event that we held at both the MMK in Frankfurt and the Ofr Bookshop in Paris. The usual, very simple, monetary exchange between consumer and brand object was transformed into a dialog, in which the consumer was given the opportunity to elaborate on their needs and make their very own product. Rare thoughts as a currency for rare products: Rather than buy our products we asked participants to engage in a creative exchange; to indicate clearly the product they would like and then “plead” for it. The responses could either be brought or posted to the BLESS SHOP, or sent in via email.

Bless is a fashion/design studio created in 1997 by Ines Kaag, based in Berlin, and Desiree Heiss, in Paris. The two designers escape from any calibrated definition of fashion, faithful to their initial concept, dividing and combining creation, between fashion, art, design and architecture, they engage an independent work method, which often implements collaborations and interactions with friends, customers and other contributors. BLESS is a project that presents ideal and artistic values by products to the public. Recent group exhibitions include N°26 CABLE JEWELLERY, N°35 CARCOVER (2011 Festival de la Mode à Hyères, France) and large scale accessories as some sort of livingtools for every day life (2011 Arnhem Mode Biennale, The Netherlands). Recent solo exhibitions include WINDOW GARDEN INSTALLATION (2011 Craft Victoria, Australia).