01.04.2016 7:57 a.m.

having a huge round window in my working space +
getting a sheep or two ++
55 kg +++
having my nails always painted beautifully +++
going to a volcano +, +++++
having the time to read for weeks. only reading +++++
feel the freedom to start painting ++++, +++++
be a little bit more social ++++
having a Saluki dog ++
having more light entering my apartment +, ++++++
doing more photography ++++, +++++
having my old Mercedes back +
be more interested in digital techniques ++++++
having my teeth repaired +
living for some time in an old house in Sicily +, +++++
speak French ++, +++, ++++++

+ financially impossible
++ tried before and failed
+++ i am too inconsistent
++++ unclear, hidden in a mist
+++++ time is the devil
++++++ impossible

Antoinette Zwirchmayr born 1989 in Salzburg, Austria. Studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Her works have been featured in festivals including International Short Film Festival Oberhausen (D) Indielisboa (P), Toronto International Film Festival (CND), Media City Film Festival (CND), New Horizons Film Festival (PL), CPH: DOX (DK), Ann Arbor Film Festival (USA), FID Marseille (F). She has been awarded with the Start-Up Grant for Young Film Artists (Arts and Culture Division of the Federal Chancellery of Austria 2017), Annual grant for photography (Land Salzburg 2017), Simon S. Filmaward (2016), Kodak Cinematic Vision Award (Ann Arbor Film Festival 2016), Best Innovative Film Award, Diagonale – Festival of Austrian Film (2016), Annual grant for film (Land Salzburg 2014), Best short documentary Award – Diagonale, Festival of Austrian Film (2014), Sponsorship Award (Salzburger Kunstverein 2014), Birgit-J├╝rgenssen-Award (2013).