— When I prepare exhibitions, it is hard for me to calculate in advance how that will
work technologically. Every new work is born from an incident connected with the
previous one. Sometimes, an incorrect calculation of pressure leads to a tear in the
oil aorta. As a result, on several occasions, oil has spilled in the gallery, splattering
the walls. Once (in Chelsea) it seeped into the galleries below, where the works
of other artists and several installations were located. It’s a good thing they were
insured. The curious thing is that the spattered wall is a ready-made work of Art.
Thus the accident created a new series of works co-authored by oil.

Andrei Molodkin
December, 2009

Andrei Molodkin is a Russian artist who shares his time between Moscow, New York, and Paris. In 2009 he represented Russia at the 53rd Venice Biennale and has previously been featured in a variety of publications, such as Art Forum, C Magazine, Art Press, Third Text, Kh/Zh, The New York Times, The Village Voice. He is best known for his 3-dimentional pieces consisting of oil barrels and pipes connected to transparent acrylic boxes, each with a hollow sculpture or phrase inside — half-filled with Chechen or Iraqi oil.