For me the most significant moment in my life occurred as a boy, in my home town of Lucca, Italy, when the Allied forces bombed my home and village. It is certainly the defining influence on my artistic vision. Here is a poem I wrote in 2006 about this event.

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I also did some watercolors, while under Nazi occupation. At 14 I painted one of my mother, the church in my neighborhood and the farmers working with the wheat. These works survived the war and I was reunited with them in 2003 when my cousin gave me a shirt box full of my early works.

MOTHER, 1944 (during Nazi Occupation), watercolor on paper.
Courtesy of the artist and James Cohan Gallery.

Aldo Tambellini was born in Syracuse, NY in 1930. He lives and works in in Boston, MA. Tambellini was among the first artists in the early 1960s to explore new technologies as an art medium. Tambellini combined slide projections, film, performance, and music into sensorial experiences that he aptly called ELECTROMEDIA. His BALCK FILM SERIES has been recently restored by Harvard Film Archive.